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We blog them. You can freely re-use them in your blog. Simply copy and paste the code.

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We Blog Cartoons‘ contains cartoons by Dave Walker which can be freely reused on other weblogs.

How to use the cartoons in your own blog:

  1. Save the cartoon onto your own webspace and then post the cartoon on your blog, keeping the credit line and link as it is. (The advantage of doing this is that you save me a bit of bandwidth cost and you have full control over the image on your site) Or…
  2. Simply copy and paste the code underneath the cartoon in question. Simple as that.


  • The cartoons may be used on any personal weblog. Weblogs that make money via affiliate sales or advertising are included in this, but if you are looking for a cartoon for a company website I’d ask that you contact me for an individual quote. I realise that there’s often not a clear dividing line between the two – if in doubt get in touch.
  • The cartoons may not be published elsewhere, for example in print, without permission.
  • No guarantee is made as the the future availability of the cartoons.
  • All images remain the property of the artist.
  • Cartoons found on my other websites (The Cartoon Blog, CartoonChurch.com, Wibsite.com) are not available for reuse in this way.

Why am I doing this?

See the FAQs page for the answer to this and other questions.